An Unexpected Assignment

The note stuffed inside the wooden mailbox on your office door is abrupt and to the point.

“Meet Professor Dyer in his office at 2 o’clock sharp.”

You glance at your watch and realize you have less than three minutes to cross the campus from the Science Annex, where your office is located, to the main adminsitration building where “Dusty” Dyer holds court.

A cold wind blows through the artificial canyon formed between the Science Annex and Hetton’s Hall. It rattles the new leaves on the maples and flutters the skirts of the co-eds, much to the excitement of the undergrads hurrying from classroom to classroom.  The Spring semester is coming to a close, but there is yet a chill in the air here in Philadedlphia.

The University of Pennsylvania is located across the Schuylkill River from the rest of the historic city, but since the turn of the century, the urban sprawl has crawled ever outward and the old Ivy League school is now surrounded by elegant townhouses and some not so smart student accommodations.

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