Welcome to my online adventure! An Incident at Bendix Falls is a scenario for the role playing game Call of Cthulhu. I will be running the game and controlling the blog. To take part in the story and share the adventure, I invite you take on the role of one of the characters by following the link below. Many visitors may take on the role of any one of the characters. I invite you all to make comments on the scenes as they occur and I will incoporate your input into subsequent posts. In effect we will tell the story together.

The action will take place in the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania during the spring and early summer of 1921 in the fictional town of Bendix Falls. I expect that the politics of the time will play an important part of the background actions and motivations of the people involved. There’s no need to become an expert in history, but it will increase your understanding of what is going on to be aware at least of the labor unrest that characterized the time and location.

Criminal opportunities will also have an influence on the activities of many of the characters involved. The Volstead Act, prohibition, has been in effect for a year and half and there is a brisk trade in Moonshine within the mountain communities. Government agents known as Revenuers are charged with finding and dismantling the illegal stills that are an extra source of income to many families in this back-breakingly improvished part of the world. Their activities are not welcome and in the deep woods it’s difficult to say who is shooting at whom.

Join the fun. Visit my web site and pick a character. Then post your comments an help create the story as we go.



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